Chen to  be a Keynote Speaker at Libraries in the Digital Age, Dubrovnik and Mljet Island, Croatia, May 25-29, 2004.  She will speak on "The Promise of International Digital Library Collaboration for Innovative Use of Invaluable Resources."
    Prof. Piero Baglioni of the Center for Colloid and Interface Science (CSGI) of the University of Florence is collaborating with Prof. Ching-chih Chen on Project Restore. They are developing a multimedia digital library on the world's treasured cultural and heritage works of art degraded over time or by fire, water, etc., but restored by the CSGI's nanoparticle technology. Prof. Baglioni is the world's leading scientist on this method. His multimedia collection on the pre- and post-restoration of these art objects will be of great value to researchers, educators, conservation specialists as well as students all over the world. See Project Restore for more information.
    February 25, 2004, During the ICDL 2004 (International Conference on Digital Libraries) Meeting, Meeting with Honorable President Abdul Kalam of India. Photo with Honorable President Abdul Kalam
    Antonuccio, Irene "Collaborzione tra la Fondazione Bonino-Pulejo e la National Science Foundation: Arte e cultura su Internet: La professoressa Chen ha illustrato il progetto: Global Memory Net," Gazzetta del Sud, Messina, Italy, December 20, 2003 p. 16. PDF Version
    Ching-chih Chen's Global Memory Net on Regional Television (RTP), Messina, Italy, December 18, 2003.
    "Global Memory Net," was presented at Fondazione Bonino-Pulejo in Messina, Italy, December 18, 2003, and followed by local TV interview. Images of the TV inteview.
    "Message from the Chair: Asia, Africa, and the Middle East," AAMES Newsletter: A biannual publicatoin of the Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Section of ACRL/ALA 1 (1): 1-3 (November 2003). PDF Version of Newsletter Report
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