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Emperor Collection
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LC's Chinese Maps
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Thai Memory
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UNESCO's World Memory
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World Musical Instruments
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S. Korea: Gyeongju Historical Areas
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Antique Maps of HKUST
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Jikji Early Printing Museum
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This screen is reserved for the display of retrieval results of the multi-collection search from only the following fields [the limit to these field is to provide quick and more accurate searches]:

  • Creator
  • Title
  • Location
  • Description
  • Keyword

Multi-collection search means that a user can search all images contained in Global Memory Net. One should type the desired search term first in the Search area on the Home Page. Search Help is provided by going to "Help," which is worth-checking in order to obtain good and exact search results. For example, the use of "+" is essential, otherwise the search results would be any of the words typed there.

Users are also reminded that all search terms must be 3 or more than 3 characters. In this case, if the last name of a creator is "Hu", for example, it will not be retrieved.

By clicking "Detail" for a collection on the left navigational panel, the images matching the search term will be displayed instantly here (up to 15 images for each page). The metadata information will be displayed on a pop-up screen when you click on a desired picture or "info" after clicking "Similar", and the search term in the searchable fields will be highlighted. "Similar" will provide similar image(s) of the selected image, and "larger" will enable the zooming of the image.